zen spaces' list of retail furniture stores that sell healthy, non-toxic products

Healthy Furniture Options The Consumer Can Purchase Directly

As interior designers, we often work with wholesale furniture manufacturers who sell only to designers. However, as a wellness-focused design firm, we have found there aren't many trade-only companies that offer healthy non-toxic furniture. The good news for you, the wellness-conscious consumer, is that you can buy directly from many retail stores that offer those products. Why is this important? Most furniture is very toxic, off-gassing for years, and creating health issues such as headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, and other more serious illnesses. When one of our clients selects a popular non-healthy brand of furniture, we will often put a bowl of coffee grounds in each drawer, and see the grounds turn into a hard plastic ball within a week. Scary! We want our clients to be healthy, so are providing this list of healthy options for free. Below are some of our go-to retail stores that offer healthy, non-toxic products:

Cisco Home


Urban Natural

Made Trade

Pure Upholstery

Viva Terra

Urban Green

ABC Carpet & Home

Resource Furniture

Eco Balanza

Vermont Wood Studios


Urban Woods

Haiku Designs


West Elm (their sustainably sourced collection)


The Joinery

TY Furniture


Avocado Green Mattress


The Citizenry


Lee industries


Romina Furniture

Copeland Furniture

Taracea Sabai

Jardan Stone & Beam


Blu Dot

Also, here are a couple websites with pre-owned furniture that has probably already off-gassed:



Please let us know if you need assistance with selecting furniture and other decor. We are here to help you make your space look beautiful while supporting your health and wellness.